For over 30 years, Brandywine Water Systems Inc. has been serving the water treatment needs of Chester County, Delaware County, and the Main Line. Whether it's well water in need of purification and pH balancing or it's public water in need of softening and chlorine removal, Brandywine Water Systems can custom design a system that's right for you.
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Need a new system? Let us give you a free evaluation and quote. Have old equipment that needs attention? We can evaluate it for free. We carry parts for many major brands including Autotrol, Fleck and Clack systems. Clean, safe drinking water is a necessity. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

We correct all water quality issues including:

Acid water/low pH neutralization

Hard water/water softening

Iron/sediment/whole house filters

Bacteria/UV light disinfection

Taste/odor removal

Chlorine removal/Carbon filtration

Nitrate removal/Reverse osmosis

What are the benefits of a water softener?

Feel the difference with naturally smooth skin and shiny, silky hair. With soft water, taking a shower or bath never felt so good! Your skin rinses clean, yet stays soft and smooth. Your hair is left with a beautiful shine, feeling soft and silky. See the difference with clean sparkling dishes; hot conditioned water cleans dishes, silverware, and glasses completely, helping to reduce spotting, filming and residue.

Soft water also makes your clothes look cleaner and brighter. Fabrics feel softer and smell fresher. Clothing life is prolonged with soft water and fabric fading is greatly reduced.

Above all, soft water greatly improves the taste and appearance of beverages, soups, foods, and drinking water.

Finally, soft water is energy efficient. Soft water prevents the build-up of rock-like scale (which comes from hard water), orange/brown stain (from iron), and black stains (from manganese) in piping, water heaters, clothes washers, dishwashers, and on fixtures. This increases plumbing and appliance efficiency and cuts repair and water heating costs. Soft water also decreases the amount of laundry detergent, dish detergent, bath soap, shampoo and conditioner you need-saving you money.

Tutorials & FAQs

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About Brandywine Water Systems

Brandywine Water Systems is a family owned and operated company that has been serving greater Chester County’s water filtration needs for over three decades.

  • 1945


    The origins of the company trace back to William McIlvaine Sr., who became a farmer after returning from the Navy where he served in the South Pacific until 1945. He and his wife Louise raised cows at their farm on the corner of South Whitford Road and Lancaster Avenue until 1962 when a fire consumed the barn. All of the animals got out safely but he was forced to find a new line of work. Taking advantage of the burgeoning housing market in Chester County, McIlvaine chose well pumps and continued in that field until his retirement in the ‘80s.

  • 1972


    Barb McIlvaine (future State Representative for district 156) was the daughter of “Bill” and Louise. In 1972 she married Robert Whitney Smith, an entrepreneur with a small but successful fiberglass business in Paoli. Several years and two kids later, Smith’s shop was ravaged by a fire and he lost everything. Bob (as he went by) began working for his father-in-law, who had by this point expanded into water testing and filtration. For several years Bob learned everything he could about the water filtration industry and in 1980 he incorporated his own business as Brandywine Water Systems.

    Bob worked hard as a father and business owner. During the first ten years he expanded his business to have three trucks out on the road and a larger client base that included parts of Delaware and Montgomery Counties. During the early ‘90s the recession hit hard and he was forced to scale back, but through his honest business practice and solid reputation with the community he managed to stay afloat and emerge as one of the leaders in the field.

  • Late 90s

    Matt starts to learn the business

    In the late ‘90s Bob’s only son Matthew came on board to help out while Bob recovered from a work-related hernia. From there, the two worked together for four years while Matthew attended West Chester University. Matthew, an artist and musician, did not intend on getting into the water business, and moved to New York City after school to pursue his dream of playing music while Bob continued as a one-man show.

    In late 2006 Bob was diagnosed with cancer. Matt immediately relocated from New York City to help keep the family business going while his father underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment. For the next six months Bob taught his son everything he knew about the business – from his hospital bed. Matt officially took over as president of the company in January 2007 with the hope that his father could continue on as a consultant after his recovery. Unfortunately Bob lost his battle in May of 2007.

  • 2006

    From father to son

    Matt worked very hard over the next few years to build the business and establish the trust his father had earned with his customer base. A decade later Matt married the love of his life Carin Beam, a Malvern native, and the two of them settled down in West Chester. In 2015 the couple had their daughter Eloise Whitney (Whitney after Bob’s middle name) and are expecting a son due in August 2017 who will be named Robert. Matt continues to serve the greater Chester County area as a one-man business. He personally installs the equipment he sells and performs the year-to-year service himself. Like his father and grandfather, Matt sees the importance of building a personal relationship with his customers and learning each home’s unique water quality issues by being hands-on. Sometimes the simplest approaches are the best approaches.

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Need a new system or have old equipment that needs attention? Contact us today to see what we can do for you.